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KINDLY NOTE: Alley Cat Has Now Retired, Get Our Alley Cat Pro.

Although we strive to dispatch orders within 48 hours after receipt, due to high order volumes and the fact that all our devices are individually prepared, programmed and setup for each and every customer, dispatching of your order will be done within 3 days after receipt of payment. 


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AlleyCat is proudly a Streetwise Pets designed product using the finest technology to give you the best possible tracking experience. With AlleyCat GPS Pet Tracker, you will always know where your Pet finds himself.  For the affordable price tag attached to this amazing product, days of worrying is something of the past!  Our backup service is of the highest standards the industry has to offer and you will have constant guidance from us until you are 100% familiar with the product.  Try us, we don’t just talk we put our money where our mouth is!

AlleyCat is not a Bluetooth device and it’s not a cheap make believe gadget, it’s pure GPS Tracking at its best!  AlleyCat tracks your pet’s location using Satellites which plots the device location on a mapping system (Google Maps). A Phone Application is downloaded on your phone which makes the entire tracking process enjoyable and fun to use.

Each device is individually prepared for your pet, special care is taken when setting up your product and is tested before leaving our premises.  We link you up with the Phone App as well as general setting up of the device, all you will need to do when you receive your device is insert a Micro sim card with some airtime or data on.  The sim card enables communication between the satellites and your phone.  To help you find your feet we have a Whatsapp helpline to answer all your questions as you get to know your product. Enjoy the tracking experience, we only have happy customers and we are positive you will be as well!


This GPS product makes use of the 2G network architecture, which is a well established, low power, low cost infrastructure and is widely used within the GPS Tracking industry.  The devices expected battery life depends on good 2G network coverage, which can only be established once you receive your product from us.  It is therefore suggested to get both a Vodacom as well as MTN simcard (Load minimal DATA & AIRTIME to each simcard). We can then conduct a remote network coverage test to establish which network will give you the best possible coverage in the area where the device will be used. This test will be conducted remotely after you have registered your product for warranty purposes on our Whatsapp helpline.   Once we establish which network has better reception, you may then load more Data and Airtime, which will last you for a very long time (Estimated Data & Airtime usage – Data +- 30 Mb per month, R50 Once-off airtime should last 6 months to a year, depending on usage and also making use of the different functionalities which the product offers).

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Technical Features:

  • Small 45mm x 35mm x 12mm.
  • Light – 22 Grams.
  • Precise – GPS Accuracy 1-5 meters – As this is not a Bluetooth device but uses satellites and Networks to track the pet, you can be in America and track your pet right at your home in South Africa.
  • Remote Listen-inn feature – Listen to your cat’s surroundings.
  • Tracking Intervals from 1 minute to 60 minutes (you choose).
  • Set Geo Fences with alarms – will warn you by in App messages if the cat leaves the programmed area.
  • Track replays – See where your cats wander’s around.
  • User-Friendly phone app for both Android and iPhone.
  • No monthly contract – Load your own airtime as and when required.
  • Should Last anything between 2-5 days depending on various factors like  2G reception in your area, interval update   settings and some other factor to (How many people tracking the pet and how often). .
  • Ready for use when delivered, we take care of complete setting up process.
  • 12 Month Factory warranty against any defects.
  • Water Resistant to international standards.
  • 4 Beautiful coloured collars to choose from. The collar supplied can be removed to fit your own choice of collar should you wish.
  • Allows for Multiple users to log in to the App


63 reviews for AlleyCat

  1. Karin

    Since I ordered a Alley cat tracker during November 2017 I never regret it. I’ve previously lost a kitty and couldn’t imagine going through that trauma again. The device make sure that I always know where my wondering kitty is and it ensures me peace of mind. Above all – the technical backup team are fantastic. Always helpful and friendly if there are questions. Especially in the beginning when you are uncertain how to set up the app and understand it. They really made a BIG effort to get me on the way. I will recommend this piece of technology to any pet lover! Espessialy for those cat lovers that can’t stand the idea of not knowing where Mr or Mrs cat roams!

  2. Leone

    The helpline is very sufficient with instant and friendly assistance. I have a cat who loves to walk about. She was missing on three occasions for a few days each. It was very traumatic for me and her. I love my cat and this device gives me peace of mind. My cat is comfortable wearing it. I can recommend the product with great satisfaction

  3. Yolanda

    Great product, the service support is excellent 🙂

  4. Suné Stassen

    Definitely the best thing I own! My cat went missing in February 2017… it was the absolute worst feeling, I would not wish something like that happening to my worst enemy! 3 days later we found her in a drain 2 streets away.
    Immediately I began researching tracking devices I could use. Of course AlleyCat was the winning choice. Not a day went past that I have regretted this… Its the best, most reassuring thing I have ever done! And not only is the tracker and app super accurate, but the backup team are always super helpful and always willing to help.
    I have recommended this product to various people – and I will continue doing so, as it is the absolute best!
    I will always be thankful for something like this existing, thanks once again!

  5. Nina Van Staden

    1st succesful track after moving and my youngest went missing after escaping. 10min later found! Best purchase ever! thanks!

  6. Jean de Klerk

    Have been using the tracker with Lucy for just over a month now and what a pleasure it is to know where she is when it is home time. I love this device!

  7. Sue Funcke

    Without his gps I would be frantic as Slinky has decided it’s fun to wander off down the road and stay out all night. At least I can ” see” where he is and can relax a bit.


    Moji veilig mt haar alleycat… wonderlikste gemoedsrus v my mooie kattie. Al het ons catproof fencing om ons hele erf , kom hierdie 7 jarige rescue Maine Coon wat ek nou al 2jr my katlyfie is, nogsteeds iewers uit ons erf. So dankbaar vir hierdie tracker… nou weet ons presies waar sy uitkom en waar sy rondloop.


    Magna Kruger. Bought these for my two Persians and it works like a charm. I don’t have to worry anymore. I know where they are.


    I moved house and I tracked my little girl cat back to my old old house premises some distance to where I have moved to – was so grateful to find her 🤗


    Good day ‘Alley Cats’! Thank you very much for your awesome product! 😻Thank you very much! Great to have such efficient service 😉👍🏻


    Lizél Marie Vermeulen This tracker has made a real change to my life. Thank you

  13. Megan Payne

    Hi. The Alleycat collar work perfect. Cary loaded the app and was able to see were Georgie was going…. We are both more than happy with the Alleycat Collar…


    The device works so well that Cary now knows that Georgie crosses the one road(which he’d obviously been doing all the time), and this gets Cary close hysterical, but at least he can see where his fur ball baby is and and if something were to happen to Georgie out on one of his walks we’d know instead of your cat going missing for days and not knowing or as sad as it would be has a fatal encounter(dog/car) the tracker will tell you”!

  15. Kyle Buitendach

    Hi Ernest 🙂 Mate, you truly are a scholar and a gentleman, we received the package with the chocolate💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 thank you soo much Mate, much appreciated 🍻🍻


    She is not phased at all and it worked like a charm last night! She couldn’t believe we knew where she was!!!! An amazing product will highly recommend!!!!

  17. Karin Bezuidenhout

    My Atalia Bengal gaan nerens sonder haar AlleyCat tracker nie. Ek het op ons Bengal fb groep ook gesit van jou tracker.

  18. Natalie Morrissey

    This is an amazing product!!! Got ours this week and it has already made a HUGE difference. Mia hasn’t even noticed the difference on her collar, I did transfer her existing bell and ‘bling’ so it sounds exactly the same! I was able to trace her to the exact bush she was trying to hide in! I thought I would have used up all her airtime with the amount of times I trace her – but uses surprising little airtime – only R2 after ‘pinging’ her non stop because we were so excited to track her. What is also amazing is watching the replay of her movements and knowing she doesn’t really go far. She has been quite perplexed that we have found her twice so easily!! Will highly recommend this product!!! Has made such a difference knowing where she is! I have lost a cat before and he miraculously returned after 17 years! I can’t go through that ever again!! This product is amazing. I had read the reviews and was a bit sceptical at first, but it really really works!!! Will not regret it!!!!!!

  19. LORI

    Charles is our ‘wanderer of note’ kitty – thought I’d try out a tracker and not only doesn’t he mind wearing it but it works like a charm! I have ordered two more for the other two kitties who tend to follow him around during the day. I remove the collar at night when I bring them inside – charge for an hour and put it on again the next morning for his next adventure. The peace of mind is well worth it! The after sales assistance is superb too!


    Hi Ernest. Caitlin here. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the AlleyCat tracker and your support. Last night Layla crossed a busy road and got lost on the other side. If it wasn’t for the GPS, we would not have been able to find her. 🙏


    Incredible product with exceptional customer service . The GPS is lightweight and has given us peace of mind that Simba will never go missing. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Ernest and his team.
    I highly recommend Alleycats


    Hi ernest thanks so much for the tracker, liquorice goes round the whole block at night i let him rest in the day at home, charged his battery, i called him he looked very confused why his collar was ringing and i did the call back to listen to his surroundings it was quite at night but it works if you speak into it, thanks. My cousin is interested she looks after feral cats this would be great for tracking ferals who live on the street😁 from laura


    About 3 weeks ago Oliver left our estate via a palisade fence which had an electric fence attached to it from ground up. He either got shocked going out or in and got himself trapped on the other side. If we did not have your tracker we would have lost him. So a big thank you.

  24. Martina

    Awesome device and have managed to train our Brody to come home when his collar rings to get a treat! Support Watsapp line is super responsive and helpful!


    My man sê ek is ‘n control freak 😁… daarom moet ek ten álle tye weet waar my 2 kat-kinders is. Hierdie Trackers gee mens soveel gemoedsrus. My 2 gaan nooit ooit buitentoe daarsonder nie. Beste belegging ooit. Dankie Ernest! 😊


    Thanks so much Ernest, liquorice goes to the clinic down the road at night always know where he is 🐱

  27. Tamryn Wilde

    Good morning! The cat collar worked so well I purchased another one! Ps. I’ve moved house and Max got outside. Luckily he was wearing a collar so we found him! Without it we probably wouldn’t have.


    Our Maine Coon disappeared once for a whole evening and it really scared us so we decided to get Alley Cat. I was amazed at the shenanigans he gets up too between 12am and 6am! But at least we now know where he is 24/7. Love the product.


    We love the tracker. He doesn’t even know he is wearing it. Had to track him 2 nights ago and found him within minutes up in a tree. Love it!!!! Thank you


    Amazing service and quality product!! The gps is wonderful and my Blaze doesn’t even know he is wearing it. Really so worth it. Have been able to find my fur child every time I needed to. Tracking works great. I love the call in function and can listen to his surroundings when I need to find him at night. Highly recommend this if you have a walk around cat!


    Hi Ernest. Just want to thank you for the awesome product. Given us such peace of mind knowing where our fur baby is at all times ❤

  32. MARC

    Thank you. Appreciate it. That collar has saved him once before when he wondered off and we managed to find him half a kilometer away. So it’s already been worth it.


    Streetwise Pets GPS Tracking se eienaar is die beste, so geduldig gewees met die ma vd beautiful enetjie met al die vra wat hy altyd geduldig geantwoord het. Dis was money well spend!


    The best trackers and service ever!
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    My life has been changed with this GPS. Best thing ever!


    The best trackers and service ever!


    I have one – the best investment we have made for our roamer! He even comes home when we whatsapp him! Mine are mostly indoors but they get about 2 hours a day under supervision to go outside. The roamer we got when he was an older unneutered cat – since with us NEUTERED but was used to roam.


    Ja hy is n mooi ou seuntjie – en hy loop nie meer so ver nie! Ons bekyk hom as ons in Australie is!


    That’s the updated result, but it shows she’s been there for about three hours. Will go check.
    The tracker updated to no 30 as I left the house, and that’s where I found her. Spot on tracking!


    I have an Ally cat and think its marvelous 😁


    Ally cat is one of the best products to rely on. It can give you peace of mind in times when you need to know where your kitty is. Great idea!!


    Thank you for the outstanding service!!!


    Dear Max found his way out again last night but thanks to his GPS tracker we knew where he was and called him home


    I must say I was with while they washed her and as soon as she was done we put her collar back on! If it wasn’t for her Alley Cat collar I would have never taken her to parlour but the peace of mind of knowing my child would be able to be found she she escape was just fabulous


    If I think how we used to stress! We would be out calling with torches and the whole of Langebaan would know Mia is still on a jol – now we just sit and watch the AlleyCat and wait because we know where she is and although you are thinking ‘little shithead you are moving further away’ you know where and if need be I can go fetch her! Love love love the peace of mind AlleyCat gives me!


    Hey Ernest, hope you well. Meant to message you sooner, just wanted to say thank you for all your help with Peeves tracker and for being so accommodating. It’s definitely one of the best investments I’ve made for him so far. Little bugger is such a roamer i had no idea 😂 anyway take care, God bless and thanks again ☺


    Thanks for the help. I can’t believe how much this little device has changed my life. I am so much more relaxed knowing where my monster is.


    I HAVE two trackers and love them both!!!!! And the customer service is excellent.


    My precious baby. Thank you Streetwise Pets! My baby can explore and I can have peace of mind!


    Carina Pringle: Max got out again last night but thanks to his tracker we quickly brought him home


    Ek het n GPS Collar/Tracker vir my ander kat gekry. Werk great! Kan sien waar hy rondbeweeg en stel mens darem gerus. Oorweeg dit vir joune – kyk by Streetwise Pets GPS


    We are loving the use of the tracker. Gives such peace of mind


    We love the AlleyCat. Its accurate and through the app we can track our kitty and her favourite routes. Only drawback is its bulkiness, but our kitty doesn’t seem to mind. We think its hillarious that our kitty now has her own SIM card and phone number!


    The collar is super accurate. The battery life is not ideal but with detailed monitoring, we get 24 to 36 hours.


    What a brilliant product! With the satellite view on the map, you can locate your pet up to the exact tree they are sitting in! And with the option to dial the tracker, and have it ring very loudly, you know the device is close, even if you can’t see the pet yet. It is very important to note how this technology works, as it is not meant for indoor tracking. But once the device is outside, it works 100%! The support from the developer was also fantastic, to get the setup working and assisting with any queries! Thank you!!!


    That unit works so nicely. So glad i can see where my baby is at all times. Many thanks


    Wanneer ek rustiger is wil ek graag getuig oor Davie se GPS. As dit nie vir die GPS was nie, sou ons in Desember vir Davie moes begrawe. Hy was in baie groot moeilikheid. En ek en Lourens sou dit nie kon verwerk nie.


    It is wonderful news. We were quite worried. Never could have known that only one setting could make such a big difference. I am so very grateful for your assistance. Living in a rural and sleepy town means that there is so much space for her to wander. You are the greatest.


    Great thank you so much. I just said to my wife its such a pleasure doing business with you


    Most definately comes highly recommended. My boy is deaf so it’s a life saver for us. The features are fantastic


    It’s working perfectly too. I am so impressed. Thank you for such easy instructions!


    This tracker is worth every cent. Best thing I could’ve done for my cat.

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