“All you need to do from your side will be to get a pre-paid sim card (MTN 1st Choice / Vodacom. PLEASE NOTE  Telkom & Rain NOT ACCEPTED) loaded with some Data and Airtime and you’ll be ready to track, unless you want to make use of our Fuel-up option where we will supply the device delivered with a pre-installed simcard in it already (Note for the Fuel-up option we will request banking details from you for debit order purposes before the device will be delivered to you) “  

Based on the success of his rival and best seller, AlleyCat, AlleyCat PRO brings you the finest tracking experience when wanting to keep a close eye on your beloved Furry-friend. Intelligent technology ensures a longer lasting battery life, with a super accurate GPS module of note and very easy to function product.


Technical Features:

  • The Device fits into a rubber sleeve which makes the product durable, specially adapted for cats, easy / quick charging.
  • Small 45mm x 35mm x 12mm.
  • Light – 32 Grams.
  • Precise – Uses 60 satellites to instantly track your pet
  • Remote Listen-inn feature
  • Tracking Intervals from 1 minute to 60 minutes (you choose).
  • Set Geo Fences with alarms – will warn you with in App notifications when your cat leaves programmed area.
  • Track replays – See where your cat wanders around
  • User Friendly phone app for both Android and iPhone.
  • No monthly contract – Load your own airtime / data as and when required. R100 will last for up to a year or +
  • Should Last anything between 2-4 days depending on various factors like  2G reception in your area, interval update   settings and some other factors to (How many people tracking the pet and how often).
  • Fitted with a special GPS module which ensures best results when connecting with satellites
  • Ready for use when delivered, we take care of complete setting up process.
  • 12 Month Factory warranty against any defects (battery excluded).
  • The collar supplied can be changes to fit onto your own choice of collar, should you wish.
  • Allows for Multiple users to log in to the App at the same time.


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